Terms & Conditions

Register description – LIBERALIBUS R.F. -personal data register

Description of the file (523/99, 10§)

1. Controller and the data controller

Controller is Liberalibus r.f.

2. The data controller and contact person

Elisabet Rantschukoff E-post: info@nilstorvalds.fi Tel: +358 45 1393514

3. Name of the register

Liberalibus r.f. -personal data register

4. The purpose for the use of the register

The purpose of the register is to communicate with those who wish to be registered in this register. The communication can be conveyed by electronical newsletters which may contain marketing information.

5. Contents of the register

The following data can be collected in the register: * forenaname and family name * e-mail address * mobile number * postal address * municipality * information on whether individual is willing to participate in volontary activities and what kind of voluntary activities in question * information on whether the individual is member of the association * the choices the individual has made regarding the data collected (e.g. approval or rejection)

6. Regular source of information

Information on individuals is collected in the personal data register when the individual in question is registering and/or is asking for further information and if/when the individual applies for a membership in the association.

7. Regular destinations of disclosed data

Regular destinations of disclosed data to an outside source is not done without the registered individual's clear consent.

8. Regular destinations of disclosed data to countries outside the European Union or The European Economic Area

No regular destinations of disclosed data to countries outside the European Union or The European Economic Area is done, unless it is necessary for handling the data or for the technical execution of the data. The data controller can use a third party to collect data or to handle the data in accordance with the directions of the data controller. These third parties can be located outside the EU/EEA-area (e.g. MailChimp-communication system in the US. The data controller is not liable for these third parties actions or negligence, unless a forcing legal document presuppose this.

9. Principles how the data file/register is secured

The data is handled by a secured server. Only members/persons by proxy (i.e. appointed by the data controller) can use this register. A registered individual has the right to check all information on him or her in the register. Written applications with signature can be sent to the data controller in order to obtain this data. This has to be done in such a manner that the data controller has the possiblity to check the applying individual's identity. The registered individual has the right to forbid handling of his or her data as well as giving the data for direct-marketing, network-marketing or direct-marketing purposes including marketing- and opinion surveys. This is done by being in contact with the data controller. The registered individual has also the right to request for corrections of errors or unnecessary data in the register concerning the individual in question. This written request with signature is sent to the data controller by e-mail by scanning the data in question. The data controller removes the data on the individual's request, if the data controller no longer has a motivated reason to handle the data requested to be removed.